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the faculty of education’s international office brings a centralized approach to ongoing international work at the faculty of education, and is dedicated to supporting teaching and learning in an interconnected and interdependent world. through research, scholarship and academic collaborations, the office develops opportunities around the world that are in line with the faculty’s values and goals, and helps build students' and faculty members' capacity to take active roles in their local and global communities.

combined, international office staff members were born in eight different countries and speak nine different languages. this international knowledge and cultural awareness helps us bring an international perspective to everything we do at the faculty of education.

For more information please contact the International Office at: (519) 661-2111 X82745 or email at:


Our International Programs

Most of our Graduate Programs are developed with international students in mind. Our Teacher Education乐猫彩票投注 program has interwoven within it several aspects of international content, including alternative field experiences. Here are some specific examples of programs with explicit ties to international education.

International Initiatives and Partnerships